March 22, 2016

queen of colors

Just like anticipated, we are drowing within our lists and errands over here. In a good and exciting way though, but still the days are always way too short. We have slowly started the process of relocating, while I also got a new corsett, had a birthday to celebrate (we did it bad, this time!) and started teaching English to elderly migrants. Besides the usual painting and creating, of course. And while the husband is working for a lot of new customers. Great stuff is  going on for him as well. You can image the Fishbowl is buzzing at the moment.

To give you a little sneak peek, where we are headed to by the end of April, this is the little estate we will be moving in. Not alone, there are other tenants as well, as the place is huge. We will live in an amazing ground floor appartement with a big terrace, wooden fire and an enormous kitchen. The shot of the two windows, by the way, will host my new studio. Things are looking a bit rough still, but the place has the most perfect bones and atmosphere, and we are both utterly excited to create our own little heaven over there.

I wish you a good start into this week and hopefully, a lot amazing Spring weather.