July 21, 2014

queen of colors

I am living on bread today. Bread, homemade strawerry jam and chilled juices. Anything else, simply would be too much. It seems to be even hotter than yesterday and it feels like a thunderstorm is just around the corner. The air is heavy and thick. Kind of like my thoughts. Today I am missing my friends in Israel and in Gaza. So much and so painful. I am scared for their lifes, their hearts and their souls. Today I've read some lines, that are basically summing it up for me. All the drama and all that terrible mess.

When Israelies are getting attacked, I am an Israeli too.
When Palestinians are getting attacked, I am a Palestinian too.
When Jews are getting insulted, I am a Jew too.
When Muslims are getting insulted, I am a Muslim too.

No way, I will take sides. There is no use to it. Life and every single human being is far too precious to follow biased positions, created by minds far far away from the ones who have to suffer. I am sending out all my love and my hope, that one day we will be able to finally to see. And to understand, how incredible stupid we have been. Please friends, take care. 


July 20, 2014

watermelon nights

Summer moved in; last night we had another studio dinner. You know how much I love these. And even more, when we sit around that huge table chatting, all doors and windows wide open. We had Prawns and Aioli, Watermelon Bread, chicken wrapped in paper and Almond Parfait, while people were passing on the sidewalk. Greeting friendly or stopping for a little moment. The city is such a smiling place during these nights, pink, yellow and a little wild too. Life is good, when the heat hits Berlin.

July 16, 2014

reflections by unknown surfaces

thomas by tanya mar
emma by tanya mar
annton by tanya mar

Some of you might already know these images, our portraits taken by the talented Tanya Mar on Sunday. But I wanted to show them on the blog too, as to me they're quite special. Looking at them throws me back immediately, to that very special place and the thoughts I had, while looking into the sky. Deep and light at once. A friend recently told me, people make places. Sometimes, maybe it is the other way around.


July 14, 2014

queen of colors

Sunshine and rain, coffee from Williamsburg, soccer, friends, great art, inspiring meetings, a little more soccer and too little sleep. It was a great week. One that ended on the street last night. Of course. With some Tequilla and with many smiling faces. And with the most friendly and classy Argentians ever; singing and dancing until dusk. Across the street, in the middle of no less happy Germans. This can be the bright side of sport and I've liked it a lot. Back to business now, still smiling. Have a good week too.