August 31, 2014

light, shadows and sometimes fire

"Transformation still has two meanings, one technical, one spiritual. He who leaves his house leaves the light on to make it appear inhabited." (Otto Piene)

If you guys happen to be in Berlin right now and if it is somehow possible to carve some time out, don't miss the current lightshow of Otto Piene. The show is taking place at Neue Nationalgalerie and tonight is your absolute last chance to see it. I went last night and I promise you, it is magical. The place, together with the late hours and his work, it is a breathtaking experience. A very rare opportunity in this busy and crowded city. I am so glad I went.

„The Proliferation of the Sun“

Installation by Otto Piene

Neue Nationalgalerie
Potsdamer Stra├če 50
10785 Berlin
Last Chance
Sunday the 31st of August
from 10 p.m.- 03 a.m.

August 28, 2014

about getting things done

A very late night and an early start; lots of errands to run, Emma with a split claw (a bit sad, as it means no woods and no lake for a couple of days, but she is fine) and a meeting according to a little show in late September. I am absolutely tired. In fact, it does feel like I might just fall asleep in front of this screen. Right now. But I won't leave you, before screaming out loud and clear: "I have done it." After coming out with it half way through, now it is really, truly done. I have finally finished that website of mine. Please feel cordially invited to jump over there, learn about all the things I am up to, and tell me what you think. For me it is a well deserved night on the sofa. And a very honest Cheers.


August 25, 2014

queen of colors

This morning I've shot a picture of our fridge. The After Dinner State so to say. You won't find it on the post though, I am not brave enough to show it. After intensive cooking sessions, there is nothing better but strolling through the leftovers and to create something nice. I just love leftover cooking. But as good as it probably tastes, it just doesn't look that great. So you have to imagine us, having the best of everything mixed in a soup, a little salad on the side and some freshly grated parmesan cheese added. Oh, and the rest of that frozen chocolate mousse from Saturday night, maybe with a slice of apricot tarte. Okay, okay enough, I'll stop. This is simply happening tonight. Other than that, last week has been pretty good. Two very important meetings, one brilliant, one sucked. We had another studio dinner, I've sold two paintings, saw the uplifting movie Chef (highly recommended, in case you'll need a dose of uplifting) and I've slept little, taking afternoon naps instead of proper night ones. Not too bad, I reckon. This week will include a bit of family action and hopefully some nice late Summer days. And after all that office stuff and the organizing, the studio is calling for me. Desperately. So, I will hopefully be back painting by tomorrow. 

August 22, 2014

on plenty

Friendly weekend greetings from the Fishbowl; somewhere between the studio and the kitchen. Bread, cheese and such. Leftovers from today and stuff to cook tomorrow. Life feels plenty and rich tonight. I am wishing you a delicious weekend too.