July 07, 2014

queen of colors

And here we go, a Monday like a whirlwind. First we've started of with a lot of sunshine, beaking another round of sourdough bread and with a spontaneous photoshoot for a very cool band (I have to be secretive for now!). While doing my website yesterday, the photographer had knocked on the window, telling me he has fallen in love with our front door and if we would mind, that he'll have the cover shoot for a new CD in front of it. Of course, we didn't mind, and by ten o'clock the studio was filled with lighting stuff, cables and some pretty relaxed musicians. Not the worst to begin the week with. Later, by noon, we had a meeting with an interesting lady, to talk about a Crowdfunding Campaign, we're soon going to start. Planned for an hour only, we've easily talked us through almost three hours. It was truly inspiring. Right now, this is all about concepts and ideas, but I can tell you so much, that we're planning to come up with a huge installation. A three day show containing art and food, or better food as art. And I am really, really excited about this. To a week, that will go on dancing, like it has started. And to some roasted apricots with Thyme, because I am going to have them. Now.



  1. Those apricots look divine! Good luck with all your endeavors.

    1. Oh gosh Sus, they've been ;-) I had them with curd today. Greetuings from a very wet Berlin!