June 15, 2015

queen of colors

Green to me is like hope, it is love, it is being close to myself and it is about adventures. Last week has been mainly green. Though there had been a lot on my schedule, like an unexpected translation job and impresive piles of not overly pleasant office work, I did manage to paint a lot as well. Well, painting is part of my profession, but sometimes we artists seem to get lost so much in everyday errands, that the thing we are actually here for, will fill only a small part of our routine. Not so last week.

Above that, after wanting to have it for quite some time, the husband and I finally created an indoor herb garden in the studio. We do have a little backyard with a terrasse coming with the Fishbowl, but despite bamboo and hydrangeas almost nothing grows there. As the husband is a talented chef, using herbs like crazy, it has always been our idea to harvest them directly in the kitchen. And it worked out. We have found the perfect system of pots and greenhouse lamps and now, the Fishbowl smells of mint, verbene, thyme and rosmary. I love it.

On that note, I wish us all a wonderful and inspiring week. Maybe some green included. Again.



  1. oh fab. there's nothing like picking your own fresh herbs. so simple, but so effective. and the indoor scents are a bonus!
    glad that there was plenty of painting too.

    1. yes, it is fab and one of those things that makes you thinking:"why on earth, haven't I done this earlier?" xx

  2. I've been trying to convince monsieur to start an herb garden too. but despite being a talented eater, he's not convinced yet.

  3. I have simply forced the kitchengod. now he is superhappy, but some pushing was needed ;-)

  4. how splendid! you can just munch it fromt the stem too, while painting? ;))) n♥