July 26, 2015

she knows her heart

She is falling in love. With everyone. For at least a few seconds. Just long enough, before they make eye contact with her. Or before, they're turning around the next corner. Then she will miss that lost chancec and will drink from it. For a little while. To calm down her always so restless heart. The heart she knows so well.

This painting (40x40cm, oil on canvas) is FOR SALE.
All inquiries are most welcome under mail@anntonbeateschmidt.com.


  1. Amazing! Loving the words with it too... One lucky person will have this piece of art in their home or gallery! xo

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! and if you're already on the way: enjoy C.!! xx

  3. I love her for more than all time, she is so vivid. I also love your brush strokes, they are the pulse of her skin. xxoo