August 12, 2015

queen of colors


Unusual situations demand unusual solutions, as I have already written in my last post, our week has been very, very different. Therefore an even later Queen of Colors, than the sometimes already late ones. But we all simply have only so many hours in a day, right. Despite the regular errands and jobs that needed to be finished, everything was about donations, collections and organizing help. But we did also manage to pack in an afternoon BBQ with the husband's family, a fresh little art project on the window sill and a little dip with Emma, in the close by channel. Now we're already in the middle of another next week and all I can say is, we are exhausted. But also happy and determinded to push things a little further. Not forget to rest in between and to take in the great summer weather around here.

Greetings from the couch, chilled water and August peaches by my side.