October 07, 2015

a long overdue queen of colors

How can one sum up a complete month, that has been flown away like a very fast little bird. A September as different as August has already been. Probably not at all, but I will try my best to fill you in, on all the tiny and the bigger stories.

First of all, my computer is working again. I have a lot of files that still need recreation, and some of the data will be lost forever, but as expected one gets used to the concept of saying goodbye and it hurts less today, than it did four weeks ago.

Then there was the conference, I had been talking about a lot lately. Art and Inclusion. And it has been another very interesting experience 2015. The aim was to bundle a strong group of experts and get into dialog with politicians, art organisations and cultural institutes. At the end of two days of speeches and workshops, we had a big panel discussion. My speech went quite well and I did meet some very active and competent people, but I have to admit, other than in my personal world, art and inclusion simply does not happen on a wider level. So far. There is a lot of work ahead for this society. And even more, a lot to change on a political level, until at least some parts of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will be transformed into action around here. My sight on the topic and my conclusion as well, will be to go on working as an artist and to be present. Maybe turning up at show openings and art fairs, is much more of a political statement, than to do the talking alone. At least, it seems to be exactly my way. Not that I will stop talking, as you might have guessed, but working as an artist simply shows, that working as an artist with a disability, is no rocket sience.

Apart from this rather special event, a lot of tiny things have changed in our daily routines. We have taken over the attitude of drinking our tea the Arabic way. Strong and aromatic. Because our guests have teached us and it stayed. A lovely way to have your tea, believe me. There have been picnics with old and new Berliners, long hours in the kitchen, the husband has been cooking a lot of chicken and Couscous lately and the more we have opened our doors, the more blessed we did feel. Blessed to meet extraordinary people. And blessed to set a little statement against ignorance and a statement for respect and love. As cheesy as this might sound, but once a Hippie, always a Hippie.

And finally, I am back in the studio, painting and drawing. The next thing, I am busy working on the new edition of the Foodthoughts Calendar. So expect of lot of fruits, vegetables and within the next days, the chance to reserve your very own, personal issue.

For now, this should be enough. I wish you a great week ahead and will see you in a couple of days.


  1. sounds like a busy month. I've been following your stories on FB. has the situation improved? here, it seems it has all dropped from the news. like so many things these days it was full panic mode and then all of a sudden nothing... we live in a strange world!

    1. it was, busy and to top it all off, I had another nasty Annton accident and am sitting here with a slid foot and a twisted knee. silly me! the refugee situation hasn't improved. at all. our couch is still used almost every night and the news and papers are exploding from it. I am worried. and see chances on the other hand. the rest is, desperately trying to focus on my work. not an easy task. but I am very thankful, that at least there are possibilities to help...