November 18, 2015

launch of foodthoughts 2016

Over the last days, I was thinking how to do this. Or, if to do it at all. The world seems to be in turmoil and most of us are witnessing it, rather worried and with heavy hearts.

But after all, I am an artist. My my mind and my soul, art is the one thing I am really good at. The one thing, the passion for it will never cease and I strongly believe, it is up to us to keep on moving. To live, to love and even to dance, despite feeling so incomprehensibly sad that we lack the depth to see the light. We have to live without fear.

And this is exactly, why I am doing this here and today.

The launch of the FOODTHOUGHTS Calendar 2016. 

Instead of stopping in my tracks and staying somehow paralyzed, I've decided to use what I do best and make it my share, to help at least some of the incredible volunteers, I had the honor to work with over the last months. Therefor, € 4 of every single calendar, will go to the charity organization Be an Angel. Together with these amazing guys, I will choose two Berlin initiatives supporting refugees and donate the money to them.

So, quickly jump over to the shop and get your own, originally signed issue of FOODTHOUHTS 2016. Thank you.

Let's get things moving towards love. Let's celebrate life.

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  1. ich mag ihn wirklich sehr, deinen kalender. und ich bin ganz bei dir :: weitermachen, weitermachen. und helfen, wo man helfen kann. schön, hier gelandet zu sein.