November 03, 2015

queen of colors

Two days into the new week and I am totally diving into drawing, coloring and taking the time for intensive studio hours. I have missed it so much, you won't believe it. This week's Queen of Colors is all about the fruits, vegetables and a good dose of blue. And me in the middle of it.

For the ones who haven't read it yet, M I M A has been kindly asking me some questions (entirely in German, sorry) and I have been trying my best to answer them.

And now it is soup time over here. I wish you a delightful dinner as well.



  1. having read back here in your blog posts reminds me of your artistic and personal generosity, it is a good feeling to open to, this early in the morning. i see you are laboriously working away at your calendar, it is looking good already, well done! may joy sit there with you, all the way... muh love to the both of you and to emma. ;))) n♥