December 15, 2015

some more kitchen stories

Yesterday we had the great pleasure to hold another workshop at the Fishbowl. This time our guests were around twenty elderly people, alright including some young chicks, from all over the world. They came over to cook togehter and to teach us, all about their regional kitchens. And the rituals connected to food in their original country. All of them are living in Berlin for many years, each of them with tons of intersting journey and stories, adding to that very special cultural mix, making this city so special. After three hours of buzzing in the kitchen, we sat together and ate; we've got served Polish cucumber and Turkish bellpepper soup, we had rice and Bulgur, lady finger's stew, roasted beef with hazelnuts and for desert, a made from stretch Apfelstrudel. I think I haven't eaten so good in a long time. And I also am still deeply grateful for this amazing experience. Thank you each and every single one of our guests:" You guys, rock!"

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