January 12, 2016

queen of colors

I have dropped my cake today. It was still delicious. The weather in Berlin is grey and wet, to me it is perfect. It kind of matches the pace January usually holds, this year is no exception, and it has just the right amount of decency, for everything going on in the world right now. We all knew, transforming from one year into another will just not let all that tension, the turmoil and sadness disappear. And it didn't. Most of family and friends are still in a rather thoughtful mood, asking a lot of questions. I am in the exact same space. It is alright. Maybe this time there is nothing we can force, maybe the days force us to walk slowly for a reason. I don't want to get too cryptical or sound too depressed, as I am not, but normally we are jumping on problems with quick assumptions and sometimes, even quicker solutions. Maybe we should take a deep breath and an intensive look, where this speed has brought us so far. I am trying to do that.

For the second day, I am back in the studio and things are really slow. The stereo is playing some David Bowie, of course, and a little old fashioned Soul. I have written a text for a publication on Art and Inclusion, yesterday. And even there, a lot of questions remained. Today I am running errands, sorting out my tools and bringing everything back into working position. The rest will follow. Somehow, it feels good to have no big plans yet. What do you think?

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  1. hey queenie of crumbling colours (i mean, the cake, not the colours!). i saw this image somewhere else, was it on fb? i baked a brownie cake this morning and so the smell lingers as i slip you this note.
    i hope your days are running pretty much as you describe above, it seems to me to be the right kind of leasurely stroll, much needed when creating. i will be thinking of you, n♥

    1. yes, I am thinking aout you too. a lot lately. sorry for my silence over here, but four weeks are only so much time to start slow and get dancing afterwards. big things, still secret things, are happening over here. how is life on your side of the moon? xo