November 08, 2016

AC school

Finally, here is my very belated contribution to last weekend's AC SCHOOL. When thinking about the topic, I usually had something completely different in mind. As it happens so often. Then my computer caught some technical hickups throughout Saturday and I simply had to let it go.

To make up for the disapointement, the husband and I decided to call it quits, invite some friends over and make it a cosy movie night. And there it was, one of my all time favourite movies.
And the funny school story I had planned to tell, was not important any more. What was more important, how much this movie touched me. Again. The idea of personal strenght, the power of nature and of intuition. The most I have learned in my life so far, was learning by simply living that life. And that deep understanding of human kind, I was taught through traveling.

If you like to know, what all the others had to say and even more, to show for the AC, jump over to the lovely Ariane and enjoy!

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  1. Life has different plans for us often. It's a wonderful surprise and kind of great that we are sometimes forced to let things go. I like these visuals here very much. Have a fun time! *smiles* N.

  2. lovely that your weekend took such a nice unexpected turn.
    lovely artworks too.

  3. Your self-portrait is awesome, Annton. nšŸ’š