November 01, 2016

queen of colors

The colors have dramatically changed out here. I should probably say, beautifully. With all the shades of brown and yellow, and the moody atmosphere, these are definitely some of my favourite weeks of the year. I am an autumn girl. And actually, it doesn't matter, where I am. Be it big city lights or the much calmer pace in the countryside; am breathing a little deeper and feel a little more inspired than usual.

How about you?

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  1. Hello Annton. You've got the autumnal spirit now! Doesn't it make you want to paint or write or something? I've just gone and joined the a blog post per day in November group. Yikes! Not sure if I can stick to it, but that's my November inspiration. :D Hope to see you at the weekend in our Rose's AC.

    1. It absolutely does make me paint and write a lot more than in summer. I am feeling absolutely the same. A daily challenge is ambitious. I am excited to see your contributions! xo

  2. Autumn has the same effect on me. The air feels fresh and cozy. AND THE COLOURS!!!
    I'm working away on little paintings for the Nanaimo Art Walk the weekend of Dec 3 & 4.
    Have a great week. xo Carole

  3. beautiful glimpses.
    i also love autumn, i love all the seasons.

  4. finally my computer is back to normal and I was even able to upload my AC from last weekend. I am wishing you an amazing, colourful week! xo Annton