March 19, 2017

ac rituals and routines

When being invited to this week's art callenge RITUALS AND ROUTINES, something instantly clicked. I've immediately started thinking way back into my childhood, remembering what made me feel safe by then, and went looking into my days these days. What is it, that keeps me going? And you might have guessed so already, YES in my case it is food. And beverages. And it is obvious. The pur act of brewing coffee in the morning and holding that warm mug, while checking my emails. Another coffee or water, served during a meeting. increases my confidence. A tea break with cookies in the afternoon, gives a nice turn to busy studio times, and a glass of wine at night, sometimes I can't think of anything more relaxing. As much as I am trying to establish other routines into my daily lifestyle, I am having a hard time doing so. Food and beverages always work.

If you like to know, what the other artists came with, according to RITUALS AND ROUTINES, feel most welcome to jump over to the great Nadine and have a closer look. Thank you for the invitation, dear!

February 10, 2017

the perks of country living

After seven months of living out of the city, it feels like those two worlds are finally growing together. In the best possible way. And that home, is truly becoming home. Meaning, we're getting somewhere with our place. Somewhere, that feels like us. I have been in love with the space from the first moment I had stepped into the hallway, but it had a very different atmosphere and, let's call it aura, than the old Fishbowl. So now, to celebrate the progress around here, get ready for a post loaded with images. Nothing especially styled and taken with my small digital camera, but please come on in and be our guest. Maybe you would like some tea or a glass of wine.

Starting off with the hallway and my obvious love for green. There will probasbly never be a home, that I will call my home, lacking a good dose of green. Grateful for a husband, who doesn't get scared by its many shades.

Next, pay me a little visit in my studio and then take a very blurry peek, into the so not finished bedroom. Though it is hell to take a picture in there, I totally love the amount of sunlight, hitting it in the morning.

And finally, the room that was the dealbreaker for trying out country life, after all. The enormous open kitchen aka living room. On our first visit, we have been sitting in there with the landlords for exactly five minutes, when the husband looked at me, nodding. That was that. Who could blame him. I won't.

And this is exactly, where I am headed next, into the kitchen. For an open fire and a cosy cooking session. I wish you guys, a marvelous weekend. Enjoy, live and hug the ones you love. See you next week!

February 06, 2017

AC pillow

When being invited to the latest AC PILLOW, I immediately felt quite attracted to the theme. First of all, February always leaves me a bit tired. And secondly, there are tons of quick shots of me or my loved ones, somewhere in bed, between cushions and duvets. Seems I have a thing going on for that.

As for the notion of fatigue and being sick of the grey, that is usually attached to this month, things are looking rather active and exciting here right now. Probably it is simply a matter, of what you make of it. And the fact, that looking over a foggy meadow counts to beautiful in my books. Rather than riding through the grey city. But that is just one detail of many others.

Before letting you into a wonderful week ahead, I would like to invite you, to have a look into other's ideas on PILLOW and jump over the the marvelous Stefanie. Thank you, for having me.

February 03, 2017

winter & help

This has basically been, how yesterday looked liked. Almost. A gorgeous sunrise in the morning. Cold but incredibly beautiful. After coffee and some cookies, I am the worst when it comes to breakfast routines, I then jumped in the car and drove to Berlin. Teaching. And there, I was greeted to another beautiful version of winter.

What I didn't capture though; the heavy rain and the ice on the way back. Me driving superslow on the highway and almost losing it on our driveway. It doesn't work well, when you're trying to walk uphill over clear ice, while using crutches. It simply doesn't.

Still, this isn't an anecdote on how tough life can be. Or especially, how tough winter can become, when you're walking with crutches or sitting in a wheelchair. We all know that and it is a fact, one has to work around.

Obviously I did make it to the house unharmed. But it was crystal clear, a funny analogy while talking about ice, that I wouldn't be able to leave the house again. For hours. The husband in Berlin and on top, he had to be picked up from the trainstation way past midnight. And so I have asked for help, because sometimes we just can't manage things on our own. And suddenly, instead of a dose of weather drama, I had a wonderful time; neighbors came over to walk Emma and to check out my way to the car. One did throw road salt, another one came over for tea and a nice chat. The only thing to do for me, was to start that engine at midnight and carefully drive that car of mine, through ice and fog and to get my love home safely. And holy canneloni, did I enjoy that ride in the end.

Funny, how the biggest obstacles can be turned into something good. And how a little bit of trust, can lower anxieties and strengthen us. Asking for help even more so.

And today's ice, I don't care. There will be most likely a solution. And spring. Eventually

January 27, 2017

winter sun

The sun is back, so am I in the studio. Drawing. After grey and murky days, blue skies over patches of ice and snow. And me not even caring about the fact, that it is back to freezing again. I might just stay here for the next two days, with my brushes, with Murakami red in the background and with that wide sky in front of me.

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you are planning or not doing. Enjoy it.

January 23, 2017

AC daily

After our  big move in 2016, from the city to pur country living, I had a hard time to create a new routine to my day. Or even stick to the old ones. First it was all exhausting, then new, then came summer. In the end it took me almost six months, to get where I have wanted to be with the move all along. Relaxed, concentrated and within some kind of flow.

The one thing most important for me, to feel motivated and good, is food. Healthy and exciting food; homemade or delivered, be it soup or sweet stuff. This keeps me going and lets me feel safe, even when the days hold unpleasant surprises. And so, by October I went back to something, that I had actually always done. With a bit of remorse though, because all the guide books consider it to be bad and unhealthy. Ignore those advices, when it comes to your personal well being. And this is what I did, I went back to stundio lunches. As simple as that. Something nice in front of me, while answering emails, listening to great tunes or even drawing (though that is a tricky one). Even when the husband is working in his home office, and not somewhere cooking for other people, we will prepare something nice and then return each, into our creative corners and enjoy it. It works perfectly for me. Since sticking to it, my workflow is back and I so love, getting into the studio in the morning. Well, most mornings. Of course.

To have a look into more thoughts and probably more images on DAILY, visit the lovely Ariane, who had send out the friendly invitation for this art challenge. Thank you!

January 17, 2017

winter storms

Two weeks into the year and things are different already. I mean, different than expected and in some points, different than wished for. Before I will go any further, we are all fine, not harmed or hurt. But we did have a nasty accident last weekend. It happened on our way home, after a very fine day in Berlin; great food, nice people, the car filled with goodies and, even presents from dear friends. And as we got out of it with a bit of a shock, the car doesn't look too fine. Thank God, for German insurance laws; the brown beast will be shiny and bright again. Very soon.What will take a little longer though, we haven't been gifted with nice policemen that night. They have left us with a hideous decision, that nobody was able to grasp so far. And now it is lawyers and fighting back, instead of starting calm into this year. I don't know, but it makes me angry, tired and feeling restive at the same time. I am trying hard to come to terms with this mess and to go on with the beautiful stuff, I had originally intended to come up with. No guys, you are not killing my mojo. It will just take a little more discipline. And more good music.

January 01, 2017


Many have written wise things about this year already; it feels like almost everything is said about the many who have left us, about the state the world is in and all the heartbreak, we've have collectively experienced. Maybe it is good to keep our breath, which I seem to keep repeating constantly, for a moment and then roll up those sleeves and make 2017 better. All together.

Happy New Year to all of you!

P.S. While writing this yesterday, my Computer crashed in the middle of it. In the last hours of that rollercoaster called 2016, it has caught a nasty virus and will have to go to a specialist by tomorrow morning. 2017 can't be anything else, but much better than the year we have just left behind. I mean it.