January 17, 2017

winter storms

Two weeks into the year and things are different already. I mean, different than expected and in some points, different than wished for. Before I will go any further, we are all fine, not harmed or hurt. But we did have a nasty accident last weekend. It happened on our way home, after a very fine day in Berlin; great food, nice people, the car filled with goodies and, even presents from dear friends. And as we got out of it with a bit of a shock, the car doesn't look too fine. Thank God, for German insurance laws; the brown beast will be shiny and bright again. Very soon.What will take a little longer though, we haven't been gifted with nice policemen that night. They have left us with a hideous decision, that nobody was able to grasp so far. And now it is lawyers and fighting back, instead of starting calm into this year. I don't know, but it makes me angry, tired and feeling restive at the same time. I am trying hard to come to terms with this mess and to go on with the beautiful stuff, I had originally intended to come up with. No guys, you are not killing my mojo. It will just take a little more discipline. And more good music.


  1. yes, music to cleanse awful aspects of life, i think that is a good attitude. i hope that the sharpness of the experience has worn off a little by now, and you can add it to a (long) list (haven't we all?) of inconvenient happenings... n♥

    1. I know these things happen and I know they'll pass, but I have also learned, sometimes I have to fight against them. Or at least, work against injustice in a clever way. To not let it poisen me. And this is what we're doing here right now and I am feeling so much lighter! xo