February 06, 2017

AC pillow

When being invited to the latest AC PILLOW, I immediately felt quite attracted to the theme. First of all, February always leaves me a bit tired. And secondly, there are tons of quick shots of me or my loved ones, somewhere in bed, between cushions and duvets. Seems I have a thing going on for that.

As for the notion of fatigue and being sick of the grey, that is usually attached to this month, things are looking rather active and exciting here right now. Probably it is simply a matter, of what you make of it. And the fact, that looking over a foggy meadow counts to beautiful in my books. Rather than riding through the grey city. But that is just one detail of many others.

Before letting you into a wonderful week ahead, I would like to invite you, to have a look into other's ideas on PILLOW and jump over the the marvelous Stefanie. Thank you, for having me.


  1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog. I like your sketch an the way she's looking to the world:) - eric

  2. Your art is such a wonderful rendition of your photograph!
    I think a lot of people feel that way about February. I love Feb. I guess it is because I am nature like you. It is the last big does of winter, there is always something bittersweet about each season passing and something sweet about the anticipation of the next. Wishing you a lovely February.

    and yes, I think those feathers want to fly again ;-)

  3. Ugh February with it's fickle weather and greyness! Both images tease me to return to my pillow.
    Hope you see signs of spring soon. xo