a little bit behind the scenes of the fishbowl

Living in an old shop, in the middle of Berlin, part studio, part home and occasionally restaurant, the Fishbowl (that's how we call our flat, because of the huge windows) combines everything my heart is passionate about; art, food, unusal places and a never ending love for people.

As long as I remember, I have been deeply involved with art. After fifteen years of working as an editor, for several movie companies and TV stations, I finally decided to call it quits and to concentrate on the art exclusively. By then, the husband (actually, he became the husband overseas) and I had decided to pack up all our stuff and move to New Zealand for a couple of years. The perfect situation for a change. From the moment we've arrived in Aotearoa, I was working full time as a fine artist and a designer. In 2009, we returned to Berlin, where I've founded Atelier Schmidt. The place where it all comes together now.

I have never been walking one path only; my fine art mostly concentrates on portraits and on people in general. I choose whatever catches my eye and then peel a little from the surface, to get a glimpse, of what might be found underneath. I am super happy to do commissioned portraits as well. So, do not hestitate to contact me any time. 


Besides fine art, you will find me working on my EnvironmentInstallations; rooms turned into walkthrough art pieces. There will be things to see, to touch and most likely, there will be stuff to eat (as the husband is a chef, these are very often cooperations between the two of us). I believe art becomes best, when it is a complete experience, touching all senses so to say, and when it creates some kind of memory for the visitor to take home and for me, to influences futures pieces.
Whatever comes up in the Fishbowl, will probably end up as post in this blog. Be it current work, people who are visiting or even, one or the other bump along the road, I love to put it out there and give you a close look into my humble world. As I am, pretty obvious I guess, a very visual person, taking pictures around those little stories is the part, I enjoy even more, than the writing already. Some of the pictures you see on the blog, are available as prints in one of my little stores: The Tiny Fishbowl Collection.

To me, the fact that I walk this life on crutches or might use a wheelchair around the studio, is usually not that big of a deal. I was born with impaired growth to my legs and to my feet, which left them too small and too weak to walk on them. Most of my life I have been wearing some kind of corsett, to make me standing on solid ground. We are talking more than fourty years, which means, I am pretty much used to the whole thing. It is simply one of the pieces that I am made of, no more, nor less, and so far it never felt, I couldn't do something, just because of it. It's is more a matter, on how I do what I want to.

If there is anything you want to know, if you like to learn more about commissioned pieces or want to hire me, to create an EnvoironmentInstallation, I will always love get an email from you.

Thank you for stopping by and never forget to dance. Even when things get a little rough, life is simply too short, not to.